I help women with hormone imbalances and menopause to lose the weight, fatigue and stress, find hormonal harmony, energy and joy so they can live their lives LIGHT, LEAN, FOCUSED AND ALIGNED.

Cami Kent

I help women with hormone imbalances and menopause to lose the weight, fatigue and stress, find hormonal harmony, energy and joy so they can live their lives LIGHT, LEAN, FOCUSED AND ALIGNED.

Cami Kent

Areas of Expertise

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Coach

  • Hormone, Gut & Immune Health Specialist

  • Functional Movement

  • Herbology, Plant Medicine

  • Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Practice

  • Bodywork and Massage Therapy

Cami Kent is a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Functional Nutrition Coach. She specializes in Hormone Health, Immune Health and Gut Health. She helps women with hormone imbalances and menopausal symptoms to find holistic practices that align with their true nature. Clearly and confidently leading her clients to exponential results by helping them to lose weight, strengthen the immune system function and balance the gut and digestive tract so they can regain their energy, vitality and confidence. Her well rounded approach supports her clients in healing the many ailments of today's society. She currently resides in Denver Colorado where she loves hiking and outdoor activities and being an active member in her community.

My Story

I have always had a fairly decent diet and been active and enjoyed life. I love my children, family, gardening, cooking, being outdoors and hiking.

In 2012 my life took a turn. I was dealing with circumstances that weighed heavy with stress and I started dealing with some weight and health issues. By 2017 I was the heaviest I had ever been at almost 200 lbs. My body hurt all over, I was not sleeping well, I was bloated, moody, irritable, and stressed. Digestive issues either made me bloated and sick or I would fall asleep at my desk. I couldn’t do the activities that I loved anymore because my heart rate would sky rocket and I would be out of breath. The next day I would be so sore I couldn't move. I was catching every cold and to top it off I was beginning perimenopause. “Oh YAY! Another thing to deal with!”

Fast forward to 2021, after covid, heart issues, long covid, and trying every diet and exercise theory known to man. I remember thinking “What am I doing wrong?”

I went to my Dr. thinking he could help me get on the right track…. He told me “You are just getting older and you need to exercise more and cut back on your eating…It’s just how things are as we age…”

I was absolutely furious, lost, overwhelmed and frustrated to think that I was just going to be old and fat! I refused to live the rest of my life that way. I knew there was a different path and I had the knowledge to heal myself!

I was able to focus my attention and use my education in nutrition, movement and meditation to create a plan that holistically healed my own gut issues, de-stressed my life, strengthened my immune system and alleviated the hormone fluctuations of menopause.

Within 6 months I had lost 50 lbs., had my life and energy back and I am able to maintain my healthy weight with good food and exercise.

I had created a simple and sustainable practice that supported my health and wellbeing and made the everyday choices easy. Eating beautiful and nutritious food, moving my body without creating stress and easing the anger, frustration and anxiety in my head.

Being able to incorporate my 20 years experience and knowledge in health and wellness has allowed me to offer my clients a simple and very well rounded approach to treating many of the diseases of our current time. Taking a holistic approach, I guide my clients step by step in goals that are attainable and co-create a life that is sustainable, healing and supportive so they can live their lives light, lean, focused and aligned.

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"Cami willingly listened to my concerns and issues and gave me suggestions that I could try for nutritional, physical and mental health. She encouraged me and helped me to see myself better. She celebrated my wins and was able to catch some of the little things that could be done differently for a better outcome. Cami is particularly gifted in sensing what is needed and has the knowledge to back up what she is feeling. She isn't offended if you don't choose to follow her suggestions, as she says, they are just suggestions. She works with compassion and love in her heart and a true desire to help a person with their overall wellness."


"I’ve suffered with heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion and a hiatal hernia for 30 years causing energy and sleep issues as well. I was prescribed over the counter acid reflux medication. After 20 years I realized the problem was being masked and the medication wasn’t working. My next step was surgery. Due to the nature of the underlying hiatal hernia I honestly didn’t think nutrition alone would fix the symptoms. I was worried that I would need to go on a crazy diet and do a complete lifestyle change and never be able to eat or drink the foods I loved. After working with Cami for a couple weeks the symptoms of heartburn, indigestion and the need for medication cleared up. I was able to digest my food better and get a good night’s sleep. I stopped taking the medication and managed my symptoms with proper nutrition, minimal diet changes and education. Cami is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I am back on track to long term health.

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